Heizohack – Wood Chippers

* Prices start from 18,500 euro ex. VAT

With the HEIZOHACK wood chippers, all wood wastage such as slats, beams, logs, blocks and branches and whole tree trunks with a diameter of up to 30 to 80 cm can be shredded with comparatively with little energy required. A infeed chain and a infeed roller with welded spikes ensure reliable feeding of the material.

The machine is equipped as standard with quick change blades. The HEIZOHACK wood chip machine is equipped with a smooth-running chip rotor. The size of the wood chips can be influenced by changeable sieves.


The HM4/6-300, HM 6-300VM and HM 5/6/8-400 are equipped for pure manual feeding.

To ensure safe operation, these machines are equipped with a control lever above the feed table. Thereby the feed can be safely stopped.

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Kranhacker_250x200The machine series HM 8/10-500K, HM 10-500KT, HM 14-800K, HM 14-800KT and HM 14-800KL are built to be equipped for a crane.

As a result of the equipping for a crane, professional generation of wood chips is ensured. Thereby we have created the possiblitiy of having the wood chips production undertaken by contractors.

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