Wood gasifying boiler ATTACK DPX

The wood gasifying boilers ATTACK DPX product line 6000 in the versions Standard, Profi and Lambda are intended for economical and ecological heating of dwelling houses, cottages, small plants, work rooms and similar objects. Prescribed fuel for DPX boilers is dry wood. At full utilization of the hopper there is possibility of the continual burning for 8-12 hours.

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The new boiler line ATTACK DPX is equipped with the more efficient tubular exchanger flue gas – water. Special movable turbulators installed inside the exchanger serve to brake and to make the turbulent flow of the flue gas through the exchanger. Thereby it comes to higher heat transfer through the steel exchanger wall into the heating water.

From technical view it is a boiler line with high efficiency, low flue gas temperature and more effective combustion process. Achieved efficiency of the ATTACK DPX boiler is up to 91 %. By installation of more efficient boiler of the ATTACK DPX line it comes to significant decrease of the operating costs, projected into the fuel savings, in comparison with less efficient boilers that combust same fuel.

ATTACK DPX 80 and ATTACK DPX 100 boilers

  • possibility to load big wood logs – the length of the loading chamber is up to 1,100 mm
  • big boiler hopper ensuring longer heating duration at one load

From the social-wide view, it is an enviroment-friendly source, combusting wooden biomass, which is a kind of CO2-neutral fuel. Considering the harmful emissions, the average concentration of CO value in the flue gas, is during operation of the LAMBDA version under the level of 200 mg/m3 related to 10 % of O2. Under the valid European norm EN303-5, classifying the solid fuel boilers by efficiency and emissions to individual classes, the ATTACK DPX boiler (version LAMBDA) reaches 25 times lower concentration of harmful CO emisions in the flue gas incomparison with the allowed level of this norm!

Automatic control of heat-up flap connected with opening and closing of the feeding door

Boiler regulation

Regulation STANDARD

The easiest way of regulation for efficient applications. The management lies in the management of the boiler temperature using the boiler thermostat, and turning off the fan after burning out of fuel, by flue gas thermostat. This regulator is recommended everywhere, where objects are not regularly heated such as cottages and the like. A suitable solution for simpler systems in terms of regulation in connection with accumulation tanks. A good option is with use of upgrade regulator ATTACK Regumax, where most of the control takes over the controller and from the boiler is only required the simplest version of control.

Regulation PROFI

The ATTACK PROFI of the „PID“ generation is a kind of the advanced regulator, which enables to modulate the heat output in the ATTACK® wood gasifying boilers by regulation of the fan rotations. The well-readable display shows the necessary information and makes the boiler control easier.
The ATTACK DPX PROFI boiler brings the improvement of the PID regulation to control the fan rotations according to the temperature of water and flue gas and thereby to achieve the optimal efficiency. The regulator uses the advanced Fuzzy logic system for control to regulate the wood gasification system in the optimal way – to ensure the lowest heat loss possible.
The boiler equipped with the regulator ATTACK PROFI „PID” can control the heating system equipped with the following items: a pump for charging the accumulation tank, accumulation tank, circuit pump of heating circuits and room thermostat, by the lowest loss of heat energy possible. The regulator can be connected and set in the way enabling to control the pump of heating circuits and pump to charge the tank for domestic hot water.

Regulation LAMBDA

The wood gasifying boiler ATTACK DPX Lambda disposes with the most advanced technology of the combustion process control to achieve the excellent values of emissions and efficiency. Controller can individually regulate amount of the primary and the secondary air, adequately to data about oxygene content from Lambda probe, boiler temperature and flue gas temperature. All the operation parameters are displayed on the well-readable multiline LCD display. The parameters can be change via buttons placed on the control panel of the boiler. Eventual error or warning messages are signalized by flickering LED diodes.

After the fuel burn-out is the boiler automatically stopped according to the flue gas temperature or the oxygene content in the flue gas. All modifications of the ATTACK DPX boilers can be equipped with an additional regulator which ensures control of the accumulation tank, solar panels or other sources of heat energy in different designs of the heating systems, according to the customer´s demands.

Properties – regulation STANDARD

  • simplicity
  • suitable for simple applications

Properties – regulation PROFI

  • improved electronics with be fluent PID regulation of fan rotations
    on the basis of the temperature of flue gas
  • Fuzzy logic – adjust the working cycle of the combustion of the
    wood in ideal conditions
  • high efficiency of the boiler and stable burning
  • management options including a pump for charging the accumulation
    tank, the pump charging domestic hot water
  • the possibility of management of circulating pump by thermostat
  • clear screen showing the operation of the individual elements

Properties – regulation LAMBDA

  • perfect control of the combustion process by the lambda probe
  • fluent performance regulation and gas temperature
  • rapid initiation of burning, the long time of keeping hot coal for
    the next initiation of the burning
  • protection against the draining of the accumulation tank

Boiler parameters

Boiler type
Parameter Unit DPX15 DPX25 DPX30 DPX35 DPX40 DPX45 DPX80 DPX100
Nominal output (STANDARD version) kW 15 25 30 35 40 45 80 100
Output range (PROFI, LAMBDA version) kW 7,5 – 15 12,5 – 25 15 – 30 17,5 – 35 20 – 40 22,5 – 45 32 – 80 40 – 100
Heat exchange area m2 1,98 2,52 2,78 2,78 3,03 3,03 5,6 5,6
Volume of feeding chamber dm3 82 125 158 158 190 190 440 440
Dimension of feeding door mm 235×445 235×445 235×445 235×445 235×445 235×445 292×542 292×542
Prescribed chimney draught Pa 23 35
Max. operating overpressure of water kPa 250
Pressure loss on the water side (ΔT 10 K) kPa 1,9 2,3 4,4 4,4 6,6 6,6 2,1 2,1
Pressure loss on the water side (ΔT 20 K) kPa 0,6 0,7 1 1 1,8 1,8 0,55 0,55
Boiler weight kg 370 430 460 460 490 490 800 800
Diameter of flue gas connection mm 150 200
Boiler height „A“ mm 1240 1575
Boiler width „B“ mm 700 915
Boiler depth „C“ mm 840 1240 1340 1340 1440 1440 1890 1890
Length of feeding chamber „D“ mm 400 590 690 690 790 790 1100 1100
Grade of protection IP 21
El. input W 32 38 48 54 54 78 90 90
Boiler efficiency % 91,3 90,4 90,1 90,1 90,2 90,2 86,5 87
Boiler class by CO (under the norm EN 303-5) 5
Flue gas temperature by nominal output °C 160 165 170 180 170 180 204 205
Flue gas flow by nominal output kg/s 0,014 0,018 0,02 0,022 0,025 0,028 0,045 0,05
Max. noise level dB 65
Fuel type Wood logs with heat value of 15–17 MJ/kg, relative humidity min. 12 % – max. 20 %, ∅ 80–150 mm
Average fuel consumption kg/h 3,9 6,5 7,8 9,1 10,4 11,75 21,5 26,8
Approximate wood consumption per season 1 kW = 0,9 m3
Max. length of wood logs mm 350 550 650 650 750 750 1000 1000
Combustion time at nominal output hod 3
Volume of water in the boiler l 80 100 110 110 128 128 250 250
Recommended volume of the accumulation tank l 800 –  1500 1000 – 2500
Connection voltage V / Hz ~230/50
Range to set the heating water temperature °C 65–90

Instructions for Use


User manual for correct installation, operation and cleaning


Energy labels


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Certificate DPX (E-31-01263-18 CZ/EN)


Certificate DPX 80 (E-30-00084-17 CZ/EN)


Certificate DPX 80 (E-30-00085-17 CZ/EN)


Certificate DPX 80 (B-30-01206-17 EN)


Certificate DPX 100 (B-30-00952-18 EN)