Cast iron warm water boiler for solid fuel and pellets, the ATTACK FD PELLET is a modern heat source with new construction of cast iron exchanger.

By installation of the fully automatic stainless steel burner for wood pellets and automatic grate cleaningautomatic start and termination of burning process, into the FD cast iron body, you get the combined boiler for solid fuel and pellets. Boiler is intended for heating of flats and family houses.

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Fully automatic stainless steel burner PELLET BURNER Automatic for wood pellets with option to set output within the range of 8–30 kWautomatic grate cleaning, automatic ignition, controlled start and regulated burning process.

Burner is intended and certified for combustion of wood pellets with diameter of 6–10 mm and length of 35 mm. After feeder exchange it burns different fruit pits and milled olive pits up to the max. size of peach pits. Eventual conversions have to be consulted with producer.


Burner is cleaned automatically – after every burning out or in particular time intervals, set by the user, the grate is cleaned by automatic movement towards the scraper. Dirts like ash and eschars fall out of the opening of the grate. Burner body, grate, tinplate of ignitor and scraper are made from high quality refractory stainless steel.


  • Door FD for PELLET BURNER Automatic (P)
  • Partition of combustion chamber
  • Pellet feeder
  • Pellet tank of 500 l




Boiler parameters

Boiler type
Parameter Unit FD32
Number of articles pcs 6
Rated output – pellets kW 24.3
Pellet hopper l 500
Pellet burner weight kg 25
Prescribed fuel – pellets mm d = 6
l = 35
Combustion chamber volume dm 3 42.5
The volume of water in the boiler l 35
Max. operating pressure MPa 0.4
Boiler weight kg 460
Boiler depth L mm 1210
Boiler height mm 1020
Boiler width mm 490
Combustion chamber width mm 300
Filling hole dimensions (wxh) mm 230 x 310
Efficiency % 90.4
Heating water connection Js G 2 ″
Cooling loop connection Js G 1/2 ″ female thread
Boiler emission class according to STN 303-5: 2012 5

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Certificate  – FD PELLET (0028_104-2013 SK/EN)